Artworks Promotes Identity and Generates Income


ARTWORK sales not only attract tourists’ in terms of painting collections but also an alternative form of medium to generate income for local artists and tool to promote identity of Solomon Islands.

Young artist, Jackson Diosi said production and sale of artistic paintings could provide an essential source of income for many artists in the country.

“Often, local artists sellers have few other economic alternatives. Incomes from painting sales go directly towards work materials, and other everyday household requirements.

He said artwork sales is quite challenging for local artists in Honiara.

“Sales of artistic paintings are not that attractive, and often paintings can even be displayed for months before it can be purchased by tourists or locals. It is a challenge for us.

He said local artwork or paintings also promote the identity of Solomon Islands to the global community.

“Artworks produced by local arts in the country are essential in promoting our country’s national identity or sense of belonging to one nation. Our paintings portray a sense of a nation as a unified whole.

“We need to understand that the produced artworks displayed on the streets in Honiara are not only for tourism attraction but to promote distinctive natural environment, flora and fauna, traditions, culture, and language,” Diosi added.

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Author: Tourism-admin

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