Call to Prioritize Tourism


SUSTAINABLE development is seen as the way forward for the economic growth of the country and tourism, in particular, is an important service industry for the Solomon Islands.

It is, however, one of the major income generators for the economy itself as a report shows that 2016 and 2017 recorded $1.6 million in revenue received.

The idea of making the tourism sector the focal point of the local economy has been voiced several times at the national, private sector and grassroots levels.

For an ordinary citizen like Mrs. Lisa Moana, she too has something to say regarding tourism in the country.

Tourism Media managed to catch up with her at the National Art Gallery where she worked as a receptionist. Mrs. Moana said tourism is an important sector for the development of the Solomon Islands.

“In my observation, the Solomon Islands government did not prioritize this very important sector as they did to logging, fisheries, and mining.
“We want to see sustainable development such as tourism to be prioritized by the government”, she said.

She said that tourism can provide many opportunities like jobs and other necessities for the rural people, adding that most developing countries in the world are better off in terms of development because they prioritize tourism as one of their leading sectors to grow their economy.

She continued: “The Solomon Islands has a rich history and a very diverse culture which is something tourists and people from different places would like to know about.

“We have World War II relics in almost every part of the country and our local arts and crafts are very unique,” Mrs. Moana said.

With the ongoing laying of the Coral Sea cable nearing completion and is ready for use early next year, she believes this will boost the tourism in the country as it will bring fast internet service which will not only attract tourists but linking the Solomon Islands to the rest of the world in just a click.

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