Ear Savers for Masks Branded With Tourism Solomons Logo


SINCE wearing a mask has become a norm these days, there are also complications and discomfort for some that left them to find something comfortable that would not disturb their ears, like face towels and handkerchiefs.

Because of this, Tourism Solomon has come up with a solution that would be much comfortable and help prevent the ear.

According to Tourism Solomons, it is a novel way of keeping the destination at top of mind with Australian travel agents and helping to keep them safe at the same time by giving away Tourism Solomons-branded ear savers.

“Wearing a mask these days has come pretty much of norm.

“So, to make mask wearing a little more bearable for Aussie travel agents, Tourism Solomons recently offered them the opportunity to win what is fast becoming an absolute must-have accessory for any self – conscious mask wearer – the ‘Solomon Is’ branded ear saver,” Tourism Solomon says.

Offering extra comfort, easy to adjust, and guaranteed to fit anyone’s face, the ear saver proved so popular stocks ran out within days.

Tourism Solomon is planning to order a new supply in a short time.

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Author: Tourism-admin

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