SI Tourism on Positive Development

THE growth of the tourism industry in the country is developing positively and will much up with the build-up of the tourism industries particularly in the Pacific countries and other parts of the world.

Leonard Lavea a Solomon Islands student studying technology and communication engineering at the University of Philippines explained that the tourism sector already exists in our country and continues to develop to the standard of civilization of the country even though it is yet to reach the maximum standard of tourism growth experienced in other countries.

“The country will eventually develop further in the tourism sector and it is promising to see the current government recognize this potential and prioritize the development of tourism through its Ministry of Tourism in collaboration with the private sector.”

“Nowadays we start to experience that our country is strongly enforcing law and orders, struggle to try to make our political system of government to be stable as well as we try to implement resources that will continue promoting the growth of the tourism industry in the country to grow forcefully.

“Economic stability, as well as infrastructure, are key mechanisms that support the growth of the tourism sector in any country in the world and when these factors are prioritized by the government it reflects its commitment to the development of this sector,” said Lavea.

“The more we provide affordable and quality services, the greater the tourism growth is reflected.

“Too much adaptation to the current modern age and ways of life in the Western world shadows the existence of our cultural norms and values it is important to maintain our originality which is unique and can attract more visitors thus support the development of our tourism sector.

“Tourism has a huge potential to contribute to our country’s economic growth and hopefully will support improved services for our young Solomon Islanders in the immediate future,” Lavea said.

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Author: Tourism-admin

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