Tourism Sector to Benefit from Undersea Internet Cable


THE Solomon Islands Submarine Cable Project is projected to provide a boost in the tourism sector in the country with the provision of cheaper and much more efficient internet and communication services to both operators, service providers and visitors in the country.

The implementation of the Solomon Islands Submarine Cable Project is also a priority component under the Democratic Coalition Government for Advancements (DCGA) first 100 days policy and strategy development plan.

This SISC is projected under the Ministry of Communication and Aviation MCA which moreover consulted under the World Bank Project Component.

According to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism’s Public Relations officer and media consultant for tourism Mr. Nings Oligao, “Things are looking brighter for the tourism industry if the undersea Internet cable is established in Honiara.”

“The Tourism Industry will benefit significantly from faster and cheaper internet services through the availability of stringent infrastructures especially in e-commerce which tourism is one of the sectors that benefit from,” said Mr. Oligao.

Ministry of culture and tourism’s public relations officer and media consultant for tourism Mr. Nings Oligao.

He said the communication upgrade with the establishment of the undersea cable will enable a more enabling tourism market for the Solomon Islands since the Tourism sector foresees internet and social media as the way forward.

“Once complete, and the tourism sector will benefit internationally and confidently that all its revenue generated. With assurance tourism will also own its domestic cable and its entire sector generated,” said Oligao.

He said with the introduction of high-speed internet services in the country hopefully after September, the tourism sector should also expect a favorable turnover in the number of visitors and service providers. The government may want to invest more in this sector which in the coming years is expected to contribute significantly to economic growth.

“As the Solomon Islands is prepared to access the Coral Sea cable and the accompanying Solomon Islands Domestic network it is also important to note Australia commitment to growth and prosperity of Solomon Islands,” said Mr. Oligao

The move comes as the Solomon Islands seek to diversify its economy so that sectors like timber and mining can be supplemented with strengthened e-commerce enabling sectors such as Agriculture, Fisheries and tourism

Mr. Oligao also recognized the other sectors who will also benefit from the establishment of the SISC project.

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