Exciting Incentives Planned Out for Tourism Operators in Honiara City: Cr. Mostyn Saverio


TOURISM and Culture Division of the Honiara City Council in the launching of its Policy and ten year strategic plan has asserted that the division has some ‘exciting incentives’ planned out in the policy for Tourism Operators in Honiara City.

According to a statement by the Chairman for Honiara City Council Tourism and Culture Division, Councilor (Cr.) Mostyn Saverio, the policy provides a partnership link rather than the authority dictating the goals.

“You Tourism Operator are the focus of this policy. I want to see us working together in partnership for a common purpose. In doing so, I believe we can change how the world around us perceive us from negative to positive reactions,” Cr. Mostyn Saverio stated.

Cr. Saverio further added that the policy is robust in that it covers all relevant line division within the HCC organization.

“We have tailored this policy fitting to capture how best the tourism division will align its work and aspirations moving forward,” he said.

Since its establishment last year, this was the first important document to be produced by the HCC Tourism and Culture Division and is the direction that will set its course.

The Policy contained three parts, the administration, schedule implementation and Divisional and stakeholders cooperation.

It was divided into short, medium and long term with the theme “Taking back the Happy Isles” emphasizing on think global, act local concept.

A statement by the Division said the main focus of the Policy and Strategic Plan is on product development with a possible review by medium term 2023-2025.

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Author: Tourism-admin

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