Mother to Pursue PHD in Tourism

RECENTLY, Rebecca Smiley was emotional when her colleagues and boss at Axiom mining company threw a small surprise farewell party for her after work ahead of her departure later this month (June) for further studies in New Zealand.

Mrs Smiley, who hails from Guadalcanal, Western and Choiseul provinces, has served as the Logistics/Operations Manager with the Australian mining company since 2018.

She has secured a Solomon Islands Government scholarship award to pursue a PhD in Tourism Management at Lincoln University, Canterbury in New Zealand in July. She also attained a Bachelor in Commerce/Tourism Management and a Master in Tourism Management from this same university.

CEO Ryan Mount said whilst the company’s sad that Mrs Smiley’s leaving, it is happy that she has taken a further step towards attaining higher qualification.

He said he appreciated Mrs Smiley’s contribution to Axiom and he and the company staff would like to wish her all the best in her next stage of life.

“You’ve been with us at Axiom through thick and thin and I do appreciate your contribution during your time here,” Mr Mount said.

Counsel General Dr Phil Tagini congratulated Mrs Smiley for securing the opportunity for further studies and encouraged her to keep striving for academic excellence.

Mrs Smiley, who had to wear shades to cover her teary eyes, said it was not easy for her to say goodbye, adding that she highly valued her time with Axiom.

“I enjoyed working here. I learned a lot, especially from the many challenges we’ve come through to be at the stage of finally mining and this is something that I’d forever treasure.

“I see challenges as opportunities to push myself forward, unleashing the very best in me.”

Mrs Smiley said she decided to join Axiom last year because she wanted to ‘take on new challenges, learn new things and broaden her horizons.

“I have learned a lot about the mining industry during my time with Axiom. I used to have negative impressions about all mining but my time here has given me a totally new perspective.”

“Mining is the primary source of mineral commodities that are essential for maintaining and improving the standard of living of people the world-over and what is equally essential is for mining companies to strictly abide by mining laws of the jurisdictions within which they operate and international best mining practices to minimise the environmental impacts.”

Mrs Smiley said there are former mine sites in other parts of the world that have been transformed into great tourist attractions such as Bonne Terre Mine in the United States, Kolmanskop in Namibia, Salina Turda in Romania and Gold Reef City in South Africa.

She is married with one child (son). Both her spouse David Smiley who hails from the Western Province and son de Crespigny will be accompanying her to New Zealand and will remain with her for the duration of her two-year study programme.

Source: Axiom Media

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