Solomon Islands the Jamaica in the Pacific: DJ Lopez


INTERNATIONAL Booking and Touring Agent, DJ Victor Lopez dubbed Solomon Islands as Jamaica in the Pacific.

Accompanied the Multiple Platinum Award Winner Iyaz into the country for his pacific tours, Lopez, who is not new to the Pacific music scene as he himself being out there producing music for various artists in the Pacific uttered this sentiment in a press conference held upon their arrival at the Pacific Casino Hotel in Honiara.

When being asked about Solomon Islands’ artists’ current stand-in the music world compared to the professional artists that he brought into the country recently, if they already reached such level, DJ Lopez said they already have it, they just need a good market to get their music out there.

“They already have it. I kind of feel like they just have had an opportunity to link properly or to get their music out there.
“There are many groups apart from the famous DMP that had been doing it for years.

“I always say everywhere I go, like to me the Solomon Islands is like Jamaica in the Pacific,” he metaphorically said.

Lopez said Solomon Islands’ music has dominated the Pacific over the years, as well as it has produced quite a good number of great artists and musicians.

“I’m not saying that Jamaica is the biggest but it is like a hub that produces great artists you know… like having Bob Marley and all these legends come from there and they create an atmosphere that gets everyone – the courage and confidence to put out their own stuff.

“So I feel like in the Pacific Solomon islands is number one and every other countries from New Zealand to the New Caledonia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea they all look up to the Solomon Islands.

“They may not tell you that, but through their music, they tried to figure out what it is that Solomon Islands musicians are doing and they can’t.

“Once they were even close to getting Solomon Islands to come up with another level of music like I said it’s not only DMP but there are many artists alike,” DJ Lopez added.

Iyaz Tour Manager Shervaun Diction Edwards also added: “I think they’ve managed to find their own identity, you know what I’m saying like creating your own identity is important.”

Top Entertainment Manager, Shelton Pio said that for Top Entertainment, the bigger international artists invited into the country is an opportunity for the local artists to get more exposure and show to the international artists their worth in music.

“Few shows that we do when we have our local artists performing, we get these guys to see what our boys got and that exposure and interaction is what builds motivations for our young talented musicians.

“For example, we have Rock City, Da’Ville and now Iyaz, when they see these boys performing, they will talk about it, which is a good thing, and that interaction is the most important thing that we are trying to build,” Shelton said.

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