Strongim Bisnis Aims to Strengthen Tourism

Strongim Bisnis Aims to Strengthen Tourism


STRONGIM BISNIS the new business program initiated by the Australian Government seeks to actively strengthen and support the tourism sector in Solomon Islands.

“Strongim Bisnis aims to assist in marketing areas of tourism in the Solomon Islands.

“Our objective is to work in partnership with the Solomon Islands Government (SIG), Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau (SIVB) and the private sectors to pilot new products for tourists, new tools and new opportunities that can make the experience of tourists here more comfortable and enjoyable.

“Tourism in an industry that has a huge potential in Solomon Islands but still much undeveloped,” Strongim Bisnis – Women’s Economic Empowerment and Youth Inclusive Director, Gianluca Nardi told EnTour Solomon.

Strongim Bisnis is an inclusive growth program funded by the Australian Government which its workforce is to work on three main initial sectors which are: Cocoa, Coconut and Tourism industries in Solomon Islands.

Nardi said Tourism is one of the three main sectors in which Strongim Bisnis is working to develop in Solomon Islands.

“Strongim Bisnis wants to work on marketing areas of tourism in the country. We want to work with the private sector in different areas, and one of the areas is the tourism marketing strategy; we want to improve the quality of information and standard of accommodation provided to tourists in the country.

“Sometimes tourists come here but they don’t have enough information; they don’t know where to go and what type of transports or tools are available to reach and know more about the tourist destinations or services.

“Solomon Islands are not quite literally known to the international tourists. There are few tourists who know about Solomon Islands as a valuable tourism destination. They don’t know the potential that this country has in terms of leisure environment, scuba diving, etc.,” he added.

The Women’s Economic Empowerment and Youth Inclusive Director said that the country’s tourism industry only saw around 6,000 visitors last year. These are only leisure visitors that are here for holidays.

“There is only 1% of the total of tourists that visit the Pacific Region; so Solomon Islands rarely has the potential to see this share of tourism growth and have this industry flourish,” he said.

The program will initially operate for three years in the country.

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